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UMS has established a Security Policy at all functions and levels, with aim at managing risk by reducing the probability of events, minimizing the effects of incidents and mitigating the consequences by adequate preparation and resilience.

UMS Security Policy focuses on: 

  • Assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of all employees and all security aspects of shore–based premises.
  • Committing to Risk Management Guidelines, to establish minimization of identified risks.
  • Complying to National, International and Flag Administrative Requirements.
  • Avoiding security incidents that could cause injury, loss of life or damage to assets.
  • Ensuring fast and efficient exchange of Security related Information.
  • Protecting Physical and Information Technology (IT) assets.
  • Enhancing efforts to combat piracy.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of employees to deal with the consequences of a piracy attack.
  • Protecting vessels and ensuring the adoption and implementation of effective monitoring for piracy control.

In order to effectively implement its Security Policy, UMS: 

  • Communicates the Security Policy so all Interested Parties & Stakeholders have easy access to it.
  • Allows all clients reasonable scope to perform due diligence for the management of the services retained.
  • Provides adequate resources and training to PCASPS for the scope of operation.
  • Introduces Procedures to respond efficiently and effectively to Security related Emergency situations.
  • Designates Personnel to monitor Security Operations on board & ashore.
  • Provides training to shore-based Staff and PCASPs for handling Security Emergency situations.
  • Provides Services to meet Client needs in conformity with International and National Regulatory requirements.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to shore–based premises.
  • Co–operates with Port Authorities and Agents to enhance and upgrade Security Level during Operations.
  • Develops Security Intelligence by collecting Information about Security Threats.
  • Continuously Improves Security Processes  through an efficient and effective Quality Management System.

UMS’s employees remain familiarized with the Security Policy through constant Training and remain responsible for the Implementation of the Company’s Security Policy.  

The Company’s Management remains responsible to monitor and review the Security Policy on a regular basis in order to ensure that it remains updated and effective.