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UMS PCASPs/Operatives are recruited, trained and evaluated in conformity to highest Standards applying in the Maritime Security Services Industry.  

Our Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel consists of experienced, ex-Navy or Army Operatives, who retain a high level of Operational Skills, Morale and Dedication to the undertaken Operations’ Scope and Execution, and conform to the Operational Orders provided by the UMS Operations Manager, while acknowledging at all times the role of the Master of the Vessel as the Primary Authority Onboard.  

PCASPs Requirements and Profile:

  • Detailed CV (preferably in English Language)
  • Passport (valid for at least the next 7 months)
  • PCASPs recruited must not be younger than 21 years old
  • Naval Experience (Navy or Coast Guard) or experience in the Army
  • Military Discharge Document
  • Clean Criminal Record (valid certification)
  • Former relative maritime security experience
  • Medical Trauma Certificate (valid certification)
  • Seaman’s Βook
  • Firearms certificate for the specific weapon to carry on board (G3/A3 7.62X51mm) (valid certification)
  • STCW95 BASIC Safety Training qualifications
  • ISPS Certificates and or SSO/CSO /MSO
  • Psychiatrist certification for firearms usage suitability
  • Medical / Physical fitness Certificate (valid 2 years)
  • Drug & alcohol clean test (valid 1 year)
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination