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who we are

Private Maritime Services Company
Register and Legality

Registered Office: Larnaca, Cyprus.
Offices of Operations: Larnaca, Piraeus, Lagos.
UMS Personnel consists of well disciplined, highly trained, ex-Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marines Operatives and experienced Staff.


ISO 9001:2015
Raise an organization awareness to meet the needs and expectations of customers and other relevant interested parties.
ISO 28000:2007
An organization improves reliability and security throughout the entire chain of supply.
BIMCO member


To provide professional Maritime Security Services in order to protect personnel on
board, maritime assets and properties against threats that do exist in today’s world.


Protect as many as possible and ensure modus operandi.
Business excellence in Maritime Security.
Create stable and long term relationships with our partners.


Our Operating Procedures have been constituted in conformity to BMP (Best Management Practice), IMO Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships and Maritime Security Escort Services for vessels, conforming at Rules of Engagement and Specific Operational Orders accredited and approved by BIMCO Insurance Companies and Flag State Bodies.

We conduct extensive Risk Assessments for transiting through HRAs, prior-during the execution as well as at the post-transit stage, thus accumulating an intelligence which is offered to clients.

Our personnel consists of well disciplined, highly trained, ex- Special Forces (Navy SEALs, Marines) Operatives, licensed weapons and equipment in order to provide the most efficient and effective Maritime Security Services.

All our operatives have extensive experience in the use of firearms and undergo regular operational training with live ammunition. They are continuously undergoing through regular stringent physical and psychological evaluations, thus to retain the highest degree of  promptitude and an high operating standard throughout any environment.

Our operations are aiming to protect and reserve assets and lives on oil platforms, coastal installations and maritime vessels.



  • To maintain a dedicated, serious and professional attitude at all times and in all Maritime Security matters, in respect to human life.
  • To become a Shield of Security between our clients and the threats that exist.
  • To increase efficiency.
  • To boost crew moral.
  • To reduce insurance rates.
  • To suppress operating costs.
  • To provide peace of mind for our Clients.